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Equity valuation at the centre, through our multinational team


We are valuation experts, authorities in expressing valuation opinions, advising to individuals and corporates, providing international business and valuation consultancy through putting people, company valuation and value creation at the heart of all that we do.

From divorce to strategy, valuation is a key component of what we do, to enable us to provide insights, advice and support. 

Valuation is key to our services

Corporate restructuring

Our multinational team provides M&A advice and can work inside companies, providing day to day advice and support.


Intellectual Property Valuations

We have authoritative views on what that might be worth and how that value could be manipulated and / or protected.


Corporate Litigation and Loss
of Profits

Our valuation skills are used to advise small, medium and large companies through times of stress and change.


Divorce and litigation

Acting as expert witnesses in divorce and other litigation cases (e.g. the assessment of damages and loss of profits).







Our Claire Methodology™ is a product to help you answer these questions and provide you with valuable business insights and ecision-making tools. Based on a mixture of questionnaires, analysis and valuation  omparables, the outcomes help you simplify those business decisions and identify certain  utcomes and strategic steps for the short – medium- and long term.




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