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The 5 unique elements of an agile organisation

The agile framework is revolutionising how departments and entire organizations are run in today’s highly dynamic business environment, and as we have discussed in our previous article, if you want your business to remain competitive, now is a good time to consider making the change to become an agile organisation.

What is an agile organisation?

An agile organisation is one that can respond quickly to changes in the marketplace and adapt to workplace trends. Agile leaders are aware that organisational change is unavoidable and the old-fashioned view of organisation management, that is organisations as machines, is falling out of favour.

Digital Transformation – what does it mean?

No matter the size of your business, digital transformation is essential. As the world becomes increasingly digital, it seems that all voices are united in their stance that technology is the key to remaining competitive and relevant. But many are still unclear as to what digital transformation means, how it can deliver for business and of course - is it really worth it?

Operational Resilience after the global pandemic

Resilience has found new meaning for business leaders and professionals across the global pandemic. Since the onset of COVID-19, businesses of all industries have grappled with significant changes to their operations, from remote working to supply chain issues. Moreover, these perhaps temporary operating policies are still being deployed to cope with the wider economic fallout of numerous lockdowns. Despite prevailing uncertainty, there is clarity in the connection between operational efficient and economic prosperity.

Scaling up without compromising on sustainability goals and values

For entrepreneurs, scaling and sustainability can sometimes be made to feel like opposites. Your business may have started with the best intentions and a clear set of values, yet as plans for growth take shape, it certainly becomes harder to ensure these are met when faced with pressure to keep costs low.

Does corporate culture impact the value of my business?

How does one quantify corporate culture? That is a question valuation expert have been grappling with for years. At Netherside, we recognise that our business partners have two main forms of capital: financial and human.

Strategic Cost Reduction

Sustained competitive advantage in the current disrupted marketplace is certainly not gained through squeezing a few percentage point savings from slow, stretched, and unfocused operations in this disrupted marketplace.

Effects of Working From Home Policies on Business Value

A work from home revolution is upon us. Businesses in both the private and public sector are coming out to confirm their long-term work from home (WFH) or hybrid policies. While the PR focus lies in employee empowerment, there are naturally considerable benefits for employers. With the likes of Deloitte, Apple, SAP, and more rising to meet the trend, there are also associated areas of concern that are causing others to force a return to the office. As valuation experts, the Netherside team has taken a deeper look into the impacts, both positive and negative, of a WFH policy on the value of a business.

Revenge Spending

For those unaffected by unemployment and reduced income, personal savings are stronger than ever. As non-essential shops and services re-open, business hopes are focussed on ‘revenge spending’ sprees as seen earlier in China. Yet, Netherside is airing on the side of caution as often the recovery from a significant downturn can be more of a struggle than the downturn itself.

Optimistic Outlook | May 2021

Optimism in the global economy is rising sharply as lockdown restrictions are lifted and the vaccination rollout continues. The UK’s economic bounce back comes at a time of greater consumer confidence (and savings) and a period of ‘revenge spending’ looms. With the improved economic environment, Netherside expects that business owners could see increased profits, the creation of new jobs, improved business confidence and increased capital investment - each will have a positive effect on the valuation of business.

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