These are the areas where we apply our valuation expertise



Corporate restructuring

Hands-on advice to achieve the most desirable outcomes at times of inflection
Our skill set combines strategy, valuation and an
understanding of psychology and details in order arrive at decisions which provide the desired outcomes:

  • Advice in M&A transactions (buy and sell)
  • We share awards and other restructurings across borders
  • Valuations for EMI Share Option schemes to reward key employees
  • Assessment and Analysis of minority discounts and other valuation reductions
  • Growth advice based around value-increasing strategies considering relevant value drivers
  • Mentoring and hands-on support during through times of unprecedented transition, covering funding, disposal or acquisition, appointment of new directors, new product introductions and strategic input

Intellectual Property Valuations

Identification and valuation of intangible assets 

In an age where reputation and management are online, or resides in branding, in AI or other intangibles, it is important to have authoritative views on what that might be worth and how that value could be manipulated and / or protected.

  • Intellectual property identification
  • Brand valuations, including royalty rate analysis and analysis of the brand potential
  • Valuation of reputation either to defend this or to provide a structure for growth
  • Support for all types of intellectual property, including losses arising from infringements

Corporate litigation and loss of profits

Our valuers who provide and defend opinions
We have extensive experience of presenting our opinions and backing them up with research and data in order to provide authoritative valuations, clearly presented

  • Advice on quantum in commercial disputes – from initial stages through to submitting expert evidence
  • We engage as a part of the team from the outset of the proceedings to help estimate quantum and strategy
  • We act as expert witness in court proceedings, defending our opinions and assisting the legal team in finding flaws in arguments

Divorce and litigation

Our expert valuers who give support and advice as and when required
At times of uncertainty and stress, it is good to have authorities on hand to work with you both in a formal and informal capacity, to determine the value of corporate assets in the most appropriate manner:

  • Expert valuations in family disputes – as Single Joint Experts, or party experts, preparing XXX compliant reports
  • We act as shadow advisers at all stages from financial disclosure to court appointments, providing insights, identifying gaps and
  • We review other parties’ reports preparing and reviewing expert reports and assessing liquidity and maintainable earnings
  • Provision of abbreviated reports for financial hearings in the absence of expert opinions

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