Our Claire Methodology™ is our state-of-the-art methodology to assess impacts strategic decisions have on the value of your company

How our
is defined


We challenge the status quo in your organization.


We leverage the knowledge we have found.


We identify your motives, define
inconsistencies and assess additional short, medium and  longterm opportunities and risks.


We provide a detailed integration roadmap for you to get you to your goal.


Once integrated, we regularly review and reassess your performance.


We evaluate your new value after our CLAIRE Methodology™ has been performed in your company.





When is the best time to work with the Claire Methodology™?

  • When you want to make the most of your business
  • You want to grow your business, but don’t know how
  • You have competing strategies and can’t decide which is better
  • When you aren't sure whether you have the right products
  • You want to merge or acquire
  • You want to grow your business and face HR challenges
  • You don’t know which direction to go first
  • When you are at a crossroads

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